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Ezbill is an easy to use, fully integrated, multi-user medical office management system.  It is designed to operate in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or on a MAC using the Parallels Desktop interface.

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Ezbill includes the following modules:

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Ezbill Features

AHC Billing

Alberta Health billing, out of province Interprovincial Health billing, error checking, reconciliation and full revenue/receivable reporting

Private Billing

Direct patient and third party billing, reconciliation and full revenue/receivable reporting

Patient Records

Patient information including demographics, clinical notes, allergies, appointment alerts, occupational data, no shows and historical claim details

Report Generator

A user-defined document generator capable of merging data from any of the system's databases into custom designed documents (labels, letters, recall notices, WCB reports, etc.)


A patient research/recall system allowing you to track patients by diagnostic codes, health service codes, user-defined research/recall codes, age, last service date, gender, etc.  Display selected patient on screen, as a printed list or merge the information into the system's custom document generator.

Appointment Scheduler

This user-defined practitioner/resource appointment scheduler allows you to make, change, delete and search for appointments.  You can update charts, print custom designed merge documents, enter provincial health and patient or third party billing and print daysheets all from within the scheduler.


Full in-house reconciliation with a complete accounts receivable reporting system which includes assessment reports, statistic reports and aged analysis. As well, the convenience of on-screen handling of resubmissions.

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