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Our Company

M.M.S. Medical Management Services Ltd. has been a leader in the development of medical software and billing services since 1973 - the longest service history in the industry.  We are well-known for our experience, technical expertise and commitment to service.  M.M.S. is a Canadian owned corporation operating in the Province of Alberta, Canada.  We have offices in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Commitment

At M.M.S. Medical Management Services Ltd. we are committed to providing our clients with practical solutions which assist them in running their medical office with greater ease and efficiency.  Our software is cost effective, efficient and easy to learn and operate.  It includes a wide variety of features including provincial/reciprocal billing, private billing, patient charts, document/data merge, research, appointment scheduler and electronic reconciliation.

We provide the highest level of ongoing, unlimited service and software support to our clients either on site at our clients offices and through our telephone support lines.

Software and services are provided for a low monthly fee.  There is no additional charge for service calls, on-site training, new software modules or software support.

M.M.S. Medical Management Services will provide you with a system which will streamline the operations of your office.

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